Alexander Stakenburg - Jazz Guitarist


My name is Alexander Stakenburg. I am the author and developer of www.fretboardknowledge.com.

After graduating with a Bachelors Degree from the Jazz Department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam – Jazz Guitar in 2000, I worked in ICT for a number of years, as a software engineer. During my tenure there I privately created a software program called ‘FretBoardKnowledge’, having been much inspired by a basic understanding of the theoretical concepts of jazz-rock genius Allan Holdsworth.

After a few years in ICT, I moved on from that job, actually to return to teaching guitar, this time full-time, taking private students locally around my residential area in the Netherlands.

Please visit the website of my guitar school at http://gitaarschoolermelo.nl/.

Fretboard Knowledge has not been develop further for over 10 years. This website marks the continuation or perhaps reinvention of the concept.

This website is slowly being developed whenever I find the time and inspiration. Existing posts are always under scrutiny and may be updated at any time. Please enjoy this website and let me know what you derive from it.