The Ten Most Important Guitar Chords For Beginners

This essential list of 10 basic guitar chords will help every beginner out. Be sure you know these chords and get yourself a capo too!

All Fourths Tuning – P4

All Fourths Tuning - P4

The All Fourths Tuning, also known as the P4 Tuning, is a regular tuning which has a measure of popularity among electric guitar players in particular. The P4 ‘All Fourths’ …

The Standard Tuning

Standard Tuning History - Juan Carlos Amat - Chord Diagrams

From ancient Chitara, to six-course Renaissance Lute which seems to have been tuned E-A-D-F#-B-E quite often, to Vihuela tuned similarly, to the five-string Guitarra settling on A-D-G-B-E, The Standard Tuning …

The CAGED System – Introduction

C major - The CAGED System - 5 Shapes

The tuning which has through the centuries become known as The Standard Tuning for guitar, has one particular feature by which it deviates from the logical All Fourths Tuning, breaking …

Download Fretboard Knowledge Software

Fretboard Knowledge 1.0.1. Screenshot

I found a place where the first (and only!) free online version can still be downloaded. For now, I’m not offering any version of the software for download from my …